GAP Insurance

A successful GAP claim would pay out up to £10,000, £20,000 or £25,000 (the amount depends on the level of cover you take out) to cover the difference between what your motor insurer values your vehicle at and the settlement / termination figure on your finance agreement.

Am I Eligible?

  • Your vehicle must be less than six years old.
  • Your vehicle is invoiced at less than £50,000.
  • If you have a commercial vehicle maximum gross vehicle weight of 3.5 cwt.
  • Applicable to all finance agreements, e.g. HP, Lease Purchase, Finance Lease, Contract Hire or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

How much will this piece of mind cost me?

For further details and a breakdown of premiums available, please contact one of our Sales Team on 01785 250444.

Did You know?*

  • On Average 2.2 accidents are reported every single minute.
  • Approximately 1,400 vehicles are written off every day due to accident or theft.
  • The Home Office Car Theft Index 2003 show that one car is stolen every 90 seconds in England and Wales, 31% are NEVER recovered.
  • When questioned most people consider themselves to be safe drivers.
* The above are based on information published by the National Statistics Office